It’s really important to keep at least one of these rules in your mind all the time.

44 messages for young people in the 20s


44 messages for young people in the 20s(20代の若者への44のメッセージ)


1.You can never say enough“Thank You”s.<br />2.You shouldn’t depend on someone who’s always saying “I’m busy”.<br />3.To draw yourself good luck, you must keep trying and working hard.<br />4.Smile is the most powerful weapon you could ever have.<br />5.You should always thank people as and when you feel grateful.<br />6.You should cherish the friendship from your student days.<br />7.If you want to do something, you should start today.<br />8.You shouldn’t give up on yourself, especially when times are hard.<br />9.You should never take your health for granted.<br />10.Healthy mind comes from a healthy body.<br />11.You need at least the minimum amount of money you could live on, or you lose your confidence.<br />12.It’s a privilege to be told off during your 20s.<br />13.Be natural, and open-minded.<br />14.There are more to learn from other people’s mistakes, than their success stories.<br />15.You should always look outside of yourself.<br />16.Other people never care about you as much as you want them to.<br />17.You should never make a mountain out of a molehill.<br />18.You shouldn’t pretend you’re stronger than you are.<br />19.You shouldn’t care about people who say ‘You can’t do it.<br />20.Under no circumstances you should betray your own family.<br />21.You shouldn’t be ashamed to cry.<br />22.You should understand that as humans, we are not that strong.<br />23.You should always try to prepare for things as perfectly as you can.<br />24.If you have a lot of passion, people will act for you.<br />25.You should always remember that you time is limited.<br />26.It’s better to make mistakes early, because you can improve quicker.<br />27.There’s a limit to what you can do on your own.<br />28.Being too proud is meaningless.<br />29.If you encounter discrimination, you should fight it with all your power.<br />30.You should focus on what you really want to do.<br />31.If in doubt, just do it.<br />32.You should be careful of feeling too secure about being a part of “Everyone”.<br />33.You should be aware of what’s different about you, and avoid being one of the herd.<br />34.It’s okay to depend on someone older than you.<br />35.What you do without any goal, won’t get you anything of value.<br />36.It’s never too late to go over something.<br />37.Bravery comes from experience.<br />38.If you have no room to breathe in your mind, you become less kind.<br />39.It’s good to have rivals.<br />40.You should always try to relax.<br />41.It’s okay to break the rules.<br />42.It’s important to have a clear, calm mind.<br />43.You should always remember to have dreams.<br />44.Understanding something, and being able to do it, are two completely different things.














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